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Partizipien als Adjektive Theorie © Thomas Höfler 2005 – 2009 1 learning target Aim of this section is to learn the correct use of Partizip I and Partizip II. German English Er ist ein gestresster Mann. Wir sehen einen spannenden Film. Ich helfe dem weinenden Mädchen. He is a stressed man. We are watching an exciting movie. I help the crying girl. rules Partizip I What is Partizip I (present participle) ? Partizip I are modified verbs which turn into adjectives . Once they got modified they "work" like normal adjectives and take adjectives endings as well. Partizip I has a similar meaning to the ing-form of English verbs - the present participle. German English verb Partizip I verb present participle laufen laufend to run runing kommen kommend to come coming weinen weinend to cry crying schlafen schlafend to sleep slepping spielen spielend to play playing Since they "work" like normal adjectives they go in front of the noun. examples: Sie stoppten den laufenden Mann. (They stopped the running man.) Ich komme am kommenden Wochende zu dir. (I'll come to you coming weekend.) Sie wecken die schlafenden Kinder auf. (They wake up the sleeping children.) How do you form Partizip I? You form the Partizip I in every tense with: Infinitive of the verb + d + (adjective ending)
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Partizipien als Adjektive Theorie © Thomas Höfler 2005 – 2009 2 example: Ich ging zu der wartend en Frau. (I went to the waiting woman.) - warten = Infinitiv form of the verb warten - d = "ending" to form the Partizip I - en = adjective ending exceptions: There are two exceptions: sein -> seiend tun -> tuend When do you use Partizip I? Partizip I is used:
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partizipien_als_adjektiv_theory - Partizipien als Adjektive...

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