The Subjunctive I in German

The Subjunctive I in German - See More About From

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Unformatted text preview: See More About: From The Subjunctive I in German Konjunktiv I subjunctive german verbs german grammar (Continued from Page 1) German Verb Guide > Intro: The Subjunctive > Subjunctive I > Subjunctive II Konjunktiv I - The Quotative - Present Subjunctive In general, the Subjunctive I (present subjunctive) is used mostly for the so-called quotative or indirect speech ( indirekte Rede ). It is heard or seen less and less frequently in modern German, with the important exception of news stories on radio and TV and in the newspaper. Sometimes the Subjunctive II is also used for indirect speech, usually when the Subjunctive I form is not obviously different from the indicative form. Recognize it when you see it! Since the Subjunctive I is encountered primarily in a passive way — in print or in TV/radio news, it is not necessary for most German-learners to learn how to produce it. It is more important to recognize it when you see it or hear it, because the subjunctive is sending a message you need to understand. What message? Generally the Konjunktiv I is telling you that someone said something that may or may not be true. For instance, in a news feature a newspaper may report what someone said, using the Subjunctive I: "Der Nachbar sagte, die...
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The Subjunctive I in German - See More About From

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