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9/8/2009 1 Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Power Consumption of Customized Numerical Representations for Audio Signal Processing Roger Chamberlain, Yen Hsiang Chew, Varuna DeAlwis Eric Hemmeter John Lockwood HPEC 2002 1 Varuna DeAlwis, Eric Hemmeter,John Lockwood, Robert Morley, Ed Richter, Jason White, and Huakai Zhang This research is supported by the NIH under grant 1R4-3DC04028-02. Outline • Audio Signal Requirements • Customized Numerical Representations • SNR and Dynamic Range • Design of Computation Structures HPEC 2002 2 • Power Consumption Results • Summary and Conclusions
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9/8/2009 2 •Mus ic – MP3 players Audio Signal Applications • Speech – communications equipment – hearing aids (our target application) • Signal requirements to understand speech – ~30 dB SNR over entire dynamic range HPEC 2002 3 30 dB SNR over entire dynamic range – ~100 dB dynamic range • Power consumption critical for all of above • 16-bit integer is traditional for audio 90 dB dynamic range SNR from 0 to 90 dB Customized Numerical Representations – 90 dB dynamic range, SNR from 0 to 90 dB
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chamberlain_et_al_hpec2002 - 9/8/2009 Washington University...

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