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desc - CSE 361S Intro to Systems Software Fall 2009 Short...

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1 CSE 361S Intro to Systems Software Fall 2009 Short description: The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to low-level computer systems organization. Up to this point in the curriculum, course work has primarily focused on computing theory and the application programming level (with such high-level languages as Java or C++). This course examines the lower levels of the systems hierarchy, enabling an understanding of the process whereby computer processing systems manage, interpret, and execute applications. This course is designed to provide students with a solid background in both systems-level programming (in C and assembly) and the fundamentals and interaction of hardware and software in computing systems. Grading: Written homework will count for approximately 20% of your grade. Lab reports (not including the final project) will count for ~25% of your grade. The final project will count for ~20% of your grade. Group reports (some labs and final project) will receive a group grade (i.e., all who collaborate will receive the same score).
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