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CSE 511A: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Homework 1 (Due: 4pm, Sept 16) 1. Problem 2.4 (note: you need to write arguments and general descriptions. Detailed mathematical analysis is not needed.) (12%) 2. Problem 3.7 (12%) 3. Problem 3.8 (12%) 4. Problem 3.13 (12%) 5. Write a computer program (pick any language you like) to solve the missionaries and cannibals problem in Problem 3.9. Assume that the boat can hold up to two people. The program should allow the user to specify the number of missionaries and cannibals. (52%) 5.1 Implement BFS and DFS, with both tree search and graph search 5.2 Design and implement an A* search with an admissible heuristic, and with graph search. 5.3 Test the five algorithms (BFS-tree, BFS-graph, DFS-tree, DFS-
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Unformatted text preview: graph, A*-graph) for (3,3), (10,10), and (30,30) missionaries and cannibals. Print out the source code. Also, use a table to report the number of states generated and the computing time for all the tests. Denote if the solution is optimal. If you found that your program fails due to the memory bound, please just report so. However, please describe how you test your program to make sure that the program works correctly and memory is really the bottleneck. (e.g. show that your program can find correct solutions for smaller problems) For tree search with DFS, the search may get stuck in a loop. You can simply report it. Or, you can choose to implement iterative deepening to fix it, but it is optional....
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