hw1 - CSE 422S (Fall 2009) Operating Systems Organization...

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Unformatted text preview: CSE 422S (Fall 2009) Operating Systems Organization Homework 1 Reading: Tanenbaum, Chapter 1 Due: Sep. 9, 2009 The homework is not typical of other CSE 422S homeworks in that is almost all programming. The problems are primarily my reaction to the results from Assessment 1 and are intended to give you a chance to review concepts that have become encrusted from inactivity and get everyone up to some minimum speed. A few preliminary comments: Purpose: The purpose of homework assignments is to provide focus and structure to the practice of learning. You should be asking yourself why you are working on a problem and how you can improve on the process of working on a problem ... even after you have submitted your solution. 0-Point Problems: 0-point problems are usually (but not always) warmup problems. Often, they provide background for the non-zero point problems. Sometimes, they are shorter, simpler problems and often resemble exam questions. But this homework is atypical, and you will not get any of the 0-point questions on an exam. The solution to 0-point problems is posted at the time the assignment itself is posted. My advice to you is that if a 0-point problem seems trivial, you should still try to sketch out the solution before you look at the solution. But even if you dont, you should read the solution some time before the due date. Discussion With ...: I encourage discussion of homework problems and their solution with your classmates, TAs, and me. The intent of the discussion should be to get a better under- standing of the material or to clarify the assignment. But if you just copy someone elses solution , I will treat that as cheating. FAQs: Each assignment has its own FAQ. Check the FAQ before asking a question. Q: What is the source of FAQ content? A: You and your classmates. I post my replies to relavent email in the FAQ after some editing.email in the FAQ after some editing....
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hw1 - CSE 422S (Fall 2009) Operating Systems Organization...

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