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1 Midterm Study Guide POL140A Based on all reading and lectures before the midterm. Be sure to bring blue books to class. Please do not write your names in them prior to class, as they will be exchanged once you arrive. At the top of the exam, you will have the following instructions: Be sure to answer ALL questions and write legibly , preferably with blue or black pen ink. (Illegible answers will get a zero.) Also, it is advisable to show your work. (Incorrect answers will only get partial credit if you show your work.) No calculators! Nothing but pens and blue books on your desks! Bullet point answers are fine if it gets the point across. Pace yourself correctly: You should be on Part III by 1pm! Please turn in the exam questions with your answer sheet. Blue books turned in without exam questions will not be accepted. All of the questions on the exam are designed to test your knowledge of at least one of the following three things: 1. How does a particular electoral rule work? 2. What are the likely effects of different rules? 3. What do the different authors say about the effects of electoral rules? This is not an easy exam, but it is totally “doable.” Keep in mind that you will be utterly unable to “BS” the exam. Either you know the rule or you don’t. Either you know the likely impact of a particular electoral rule or you don’t. That said, in order to show that you understand why you are giving the answers that you are, where appropriate you should justify your answers. Format – most of the questions will be along the lines of the following:
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This note was uploaded on 11/13/2009 for the course POL 140A taught by Professor Scheiner during the Fall '08 term at UC Davis.

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Pol140Midterm_Study_Guide - Midterm Study Guide POL140A...

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