1202L6 - Goals for Chapters 29, 30- Know the major advances...

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Unformatted text preview: Goals for Chapters 29, 30- Know the major advances of true plants over green algae, and what changes occurred with a terrestrial existence- Understand the major differences in the life cycles of mosses, ferns and seed plants- Know a representative of each major group (not responsible for Phylum names)- Know the anatomy of flowers and fruits, and how flowering plants have co-evolved with animals Origin of Land Plants- 280,000 species in 4 main groups:- Bryophytes (_mosses______, non vascular)- Pteridophytes (vascular, but seedless __ferns___)- Gymnosperms (conifers with naked seeds)- Angiosperms (flowering plants) Figure 29.6, 29.7, Table 29.1 Evidence for Origin From Charophyceans 0. Rose-shaped cellulose-synthesizing complexes in cell wall 1. Peroxisome __enzyme_______ homology 2. homologous ___sperm____ structure 3. cell division similar 4. molecular homologies Advances over Algae 5. Apical meristems (growth areas on __shoot_____ and root) 6. Multicellular, dependent embryos with maternal nutritive cells 7. Alternation of ___generations________ 8. Sporangia produce spores 9. Multicellular gametangia Fig. 29.5 Pluses and minuses of terrestrial existence-first land plants 500 mya-increased sunlight and CO2 levels-Nutrient rich soil-Neg-Water became limiting-Structural support necessary Terrestrial Adaptations of Plants 0. Waxy cuticle limits evaporative __water___ loss 1. Evolution of specialized water and nutrient transport 2. Evolution of secondary chemicals to deter herbivores Evolution of Land Plants...
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1202L6 - Goals for Chapters 29, 30- Know the major advances...

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