Principles of Macroeconomics

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University of Wisconsin Department of Economics Economics 101: Principles of Microeconomics Spring 2007 Korinna K. Hansen Office Hours: Office: 6414 Social Science Building Monday 1:00 – 2:00 pm E-Mail: Wednesday 9:50 – 10:45 am Phone: 262-6853 (Office) By appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is an introduction to Microeconomic theory and its applications. Microeconomics is the branch of Economics that deals with the behavior of individual decision makers, households (consumers), and firms (producers). There are no prerequisites for Economics 101; this is a course taught at an introductory level. However, we will use graphs, mathematical reasoning, and elementary algebra extensively in class so you may want to review your knowledge in these areas. There are three 50-minute lectures per week and one discussion session for all of you to attend. All class meetings are very important for this class. Lectures will concentrate on covering im- portant economic theory well, not always the “textbook’s way”. Your teaching assistant will run discussion sessions that will emphasize and reward group work and thorough understanding of this material. Exam questions will rely heavily on material presented in lectures and discussion sessions. You are also responsible for all material in the relevant chapters of your textbook. In this course we will apply the active learning format . Most discussion sessions with your teaching assistant will be group classes . You will receive a Learning Guide on how to prepare for a group class several days in advance. The Learning Guide will include the Week, Reading Assignment, Problem Assignment, & Objectives for the upcoming group class . This will mostly be material already covered in lectures, and you are responsible for any additional, relevant information presented in lecture that is not in the Reading Assignment. You are expected to read and review the material and class notes, work out the problem assignment and make sure you can complete the stated objectives before you come to that week’s ( group class ) discussion session. Upon your arrival to the group class you will be asked to take an individual 10-minute quiz on this material. When the 10 minutes are up, you turn in your quiz and get together with your group (4-5 students) to discuss and solve all questions a second time. You have 10 minutes to do that, and you turn in one more answer sheet as a group. If questions come up which you cannot answer with certainty within your group, one of you can write them on the board. Your T.A. will use the remainder of that class period to answer these questions. Given the teaching format applied to this class it is very important that you
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