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Genetics Syllabus-1
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PCB 3063 Genetics Fall 2009 Course Description This General Genetics course will cover primarily eukaryotic genetics and some prokaryotic molecular genetics. During the first part of the semester we will study Genetics through the classical and cytological approaches to learn about the principles of heredity and the behavior of genes. During the second part we will consider the molecular basis of heredity. We will study the structure and replication of nucleic acids as well as the mechanisms of gene expression and regulation at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. Some experimental methods and their applications will also be introduced. The format of this course is designed for Interactive TV (ITV) instruction. Instructor: Dr. Walter Sotero-Esteva E-mail: Phone #: 407-823-4848 Office: BL 0301 E (Main Campus) Office hours: MWF 9:15AM-10:15AM, or by appointment Class times: TuTh 1:30PM-2:45PM Live Origination: 0L01: Main Campus (Orlando), CL1 0320 2-Way Interactive TV: 0T70: UCF at Cocoa, BC 0255 0T71: UCF at Palm Bay, PB3 0208 0T80: UCF at Sanford/Lake Mary, SCC J006 0T81: UCF at Ocala, CF41 0212 0T82: UCF at Daytona, D150 0107 0T83: UCF at Osceola, VCC3 0325 0T84: UCF at MetroWest, VW01 0254 0T85: UCF at South Orlando, SOC2 0202 0T86: UCF at South Lake, LSCL 0242 References Textbook : Concepts of Genetics
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