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LING110syllabus - Reading Crowley Chapter 8 X Internal...

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Linguistics 110 Introduction to Historical Linguistics I. Introduction 1. Language change as constant, natural, and spontaneous 2. Linguistic variation & language change: “chicken & egg” problem 3. Linguistic variation as natural and ubiquitous 4. Attitudes toward language change 5. Language change (or maintenance) as deliberate/conscious Reading: Crowley, Chapter 1 II. Phonetic Change Reading: Crowley, Chapters 2&3 III. Phonological Change 1. Structuralist Phonemic Change 2. Generative Rule Change Reading: Crowley, Chapter 4 Homework Exercise 1 IV. Grammatical Change 1. What is affected? Changes in typologies 2. How does grammatical change take place? Putative mechanisms A. Analogy B. Reanalysis 3. “Grammaticalization” Reading: Crowley, Chapter 7.1-7.3 V. Semantic Change Reading: Crowley, Chapter 7.4 VI. Lexical Change Reading: Crowley, Chapter 7.5 Midterm Examination VII. Genetic Relationship Reading: Crowley, Chapter 1.1 VIII. The Comparative Method Reading: Crowley, Chapter 5 Homework Exercises 2&3 IX. Subgrouping
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Unformatted text preview: Reading: Crowley, Chapter 8 X. Internal Reconstruction Reading: Crowley, Chapter 6 XI. Causes of Language Change Reading: Crowley, Chapter 9 XII. Language Change in Progress Reading: Crowley, Chapter 10 XIII. Unresolved Problems Reading: Crowley, Chapter 11 XIV. Language Contact Reading: Crowley, Chapter 12 XV. Cultural Reconstruction Reading: Crowley, Chapter 13 Required Textbook: Terry Crowley, An Introduction to Historical Linguistics , third edition, Oxford University Press, 1997. Available through UCLA Academic Publishing Outside Assignment: exercise on English etymology, handed out February 11, due March 4 . Final Exam: Tuesday, March 17th, 3-6PM. Grading: midterm after unit VI (30%); cumulative final (50%); outside assignment (20%). Instructor: Craig Melchert Office: 2126B Campbell Hall Office hours: MW 1-2 or by appointment Office phone: 310-579-7754 Home phone: 310-477-4827 E-mail: [email protected] Homepage: http://www.linguistics.ucla.edu/people/Melchert/...
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