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romance - pera par pira ‘pear’ luna luna lun luna...

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I. Comparative Reconstruction (30 pts) Reconstruct the consonants of Proto-Romance based on the following data. Your answer should consist of a list of the PR phonemes and any rules needed to derive the attested consonants in the languages below (ordered if needed). WARNING: use only the data below. Do not try to apply any other knowledge you may have of Latin or the Romance languages (the best answer to this problem may or may not agree with the actual historical facts). Spanish Italian Romanian Sardinian rama rama ram ë ramu ‘branch’ branka branka br ì nk ë branka ‘claw’ tela tela tear ë tela ‘cloth’ baka vaka vak ë baka ‘cow’ duelo du ò lo dor dolu ‘grief’ kasa kaza kas ë kaza ‘house’
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Unformatted text preview: pera par ë pira ‘pear’ luna luna lun ë luna ‘moon’ bera vera var ë bera ‘true’ (fem.) gola gola gur ë gula ‘throat’ sal sale sare sale ‘salt’ mes meze ---- meze ‘month’ sordo sordo surd surdu ‘deaf’ pesa peza pas ë peza ‘weighs barba barba barb ë b a r b a ‘ b e a r d ’ Solution Proto-Romance consonants: *p *t *k *b *d *g *s *v *r, *l *m *n You must reconstruct both *b and *v and both *l and *r (both pairs occur word-initially before vowel, so no plausible conditioned split is possible). There are two conditioned splits: PR *l > r in Romanian between vowels (or you could just say word-internally). PR *s > z in Italian and Sardinian between vowels....
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