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Linguistics 110 Homework Exercise 1 Phonological Change Proto-Tocharian had among other consonants the three voiceless stops /p/, /t/, and /k/. There was also /s/, but no other voiceless fricatives or affricates ! PT had a basic five-vowel system /i/, /u/, /e/, /o/ and /a/, with contrasting short and long varieties of each. The symbol <ä> used below represents a high central vowel (like English “barred i” [ ì ]). The symbol <š> represents a voiceless palatal fricative, and <c> a voiceless palatal affricate.
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Unformatted text preview: Analyze the following changes first in structuralist terms and then in terms of generative rule change. Assume that the changes took place in the order given. 1. *t Æ *c /__ V[front] e.g. *-onti *-onci (present third plural ending) *temp- *cemp- ‘be able’ 2. *e ä e.g. *cemp cämp- 3. *i & *u *ä e.g. *-onci oncä * t u p r o-täpro- ‘high’ 4. *k š /__e: e.g. *ke:rwo- *še:rwo- ‘hunter’ 5. *e: & *o e e.g. *še:rwo- šerwe- * k o m o-keme- ‘tooth’...
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