Japanese_LING M176B-[Japan]_Book notes

Japanese_LING M176B-[Japan]_Book notes - McGloin ...

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Unformatted text preview: McGloin  1.  marks the topic sentence; the topic is a word or group of words that state what the sentence is about. Two types/ functions of  (1) topic wa (2) contrastive wa (3 types) affiliated with the form/grammar: sentence ga sentence The negative sentence structure (aff. With contrast) Adverbs & verbs attachment  3. marks the subject Ch4. pp10-18 TA vs. RU Think of ta as an action that has happened at the moment of speech, earlier, or earlier than RU/U- the event of state is not completed or not earlier than Ch 3 (pp7-10) 3. MAE NI vs. NAI UCHI NI Equivalent of before in English X  /H t 0 Y  is focused on temporal sequence (before a sequence of events)-if X can be controlled by the will of the subject Y, then  should be used (2)  Ø  Lets check the car over before we buy it. Lets check the car over before we buy it....
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Japanese_LING M176B-[Japan]_Book notes - McGloin ...

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