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Unformatted text preview: April 13th 2009 What’s the difference? p 1p 4ä» ˜ ‘I was causally running in Central Park’ p 2p 4ä ˜ » Reaction would ¶bep ‘¨ FÔ ª ’ They are sometimes interchangeable. Location + p -but not really The differences is that p doesn’t make the running limited but p -From Susumi Kuno NP+O Indicated the motion designated but the verb takes place covering the entire dimension (or major potion thereof) of the NP continuously and unidirectional. Of the What is the meaning of the particles? p pp /p p pp ‘end point of your motion’? Motion verb Fô î À R Fp¶ Ô p ¨ ªp The ni tells u information, like, what did he do? (The brother) My brother showed me _____ Other: á È î F5 Fu ouî 1 ª¹ X p gift p X p gift p The receiver receives something from someone F¶ Ô p ¨ ª p p p /gift¨ ª¶Ô p -giving verb-always refers to ‘me’ and ‘family’ they are the same status p pp Place particle Others; ¨ F¶ Ôp ª ppp Directional p pp ‘a student talks to the professor’ reciprocal (possible a coworker with the teacher) Tell the difference between stative and eventive Meaning of particles based on chart (handout) -hand in papers to this if interested! www.hawaii.edu/korea/jklc19/index.html www.hawaii.edu/korea WA/GA Thematic WA The theme and topic, the NP should be present in the discourse Contrastive WA p A 4ä À » B 4ä À Inferable F oî ª u 1ȹ5 F Fá î u Non-ling Identifiable i‘ p’ V Uniquely identifiable The proper nouns should be well known or famous (not always?) anything that should be in the listeners permanent registry p pp this is making a contrast to other alcohol, that’s the wa (exp 11 on pp81 FFu ª 5È î u á¹ o1 î p p more broad p p p Starbucksi¹áª… FF5 È € uî ou 1 î you’re going to starbucks, can u get me coffee?’ Rôî À F F/¸ + ª+ ˜ Fª /+ ¸+ ˜ ‘ In the case that F¸ + ª+ ˜ p pp /p instead of ga (adj) and wo (v)p Fª ¸ + + ˜ as in, the speaker knows a place with good beer, but before the speaker and listener can go, the speaker gets confirmation (thematic) p A B b gÐ ¹ b gÐ ¹ V V ä V ä 1exhaustive P b ¹° + u 2 neutral descriptions + A + u B + u 3 subjection of subordinate clause, … ‘ ¹ b [p p p ]p p /p Mcgloin [X p ][Y p ] [X p Y p ] p topic-comment topic-less April 20th 2009 #p +p p … b ‘ ¹ + Fª ³ ó Ú 3 p Location p Location p 6a b€¹‘ p b€ ‘ “My place, we have as baby (the speaker) ‘ Not as many as’ ‘There are at least 200’ “ A baby appeared in the home, might not be the speakers” … Theres a test physically here As an activity, as in “where can I take the test?” In here like a DVD, a tape, vcd a movie showing p ‘á ¸ p Fª a speech act, or an explanation … p p Fª ¹ ‘â ¨ her favorite lotion favorite ice cream April 29, 2009 Paper due May 6th (6-8 pages) Decide topic its okay to follow all points for McGloin paper. -must provide all examples of your own -opt. to compare the Japanese to another language -or combine similar topics -If you like to explore Iwasaki, its okay, but clarify -in a sense, it is a longer version of the handout Think about the differences: -ice____p -style____p p p p ---p -~p p p ~p F‘â ¨ ª¹ -handle____p -rough____˜ Rô Á î -seal____p -mixer____p , as in your figure (steering wheel) Fª 5¹ È ‘ á ° 1 (like stickers) (refers to the blender) causalp shopping3 šL one transaction, which has just finished, gone over. Nothing else. p p éÀ p The relationship continues, and then gift returning may occur. BUT, ‘you received the gift (t-shirt of Tokyo university, etc),™ ¨ F¸ h ª (talk about omiyage, the size, how it will look at you). p p -the sharing of the experience of where they got the gift and what not. ^all that is the moment of, so it is masu! The next ª day: ˜ F ¸ F™ îô ð Á R È p p b d ¨ Can be used for up to a year? Fª ¸ h ¨ ™ p À p SHITA!! Is preferable, “Thank you for completing the letter with your time and kindness” the action is completed $20 ≠ N+P+#p the p refers to the dollar Going over some of mcgloin’s topic Fª ¸ ™ ø p À À FîR À ô À Fª ¸ ™ ø ª¸ ™ø -information that is about yourself, that you can’t figure it out -information that is not about you; also shows one’s indifference 1p 2p p ongoing action in process/”progressive” “ resultative”p a. ª p ™ ø ¸ 3p Fô À R î of reading the book he finished the book, but he has the experience 4p p LL hI € ¹ªF habitual READp CHAPTERp THREE May 4, 2009 Paper Notes: Must have: Intro | Body | Conclusion Also must have -Bibliography (Follow Mcgloin’s bib.) -Academic integrity, print out the document form CCLE and sign anywhere For the examples; (1) JPN:_______ Roman:_____ English Trans (up to 5 lines) *=ungrammatical ?=grammatical, but marginal -Linguistic aspect is not necessary --Review from last time: How many parts Iof ˆ ª¹ € ª ¹ I€ ˆ p Action in progress5R€ôIî Á p ˜ Fª 1 F (i.e. ¹È ª I€ ˆ ¹ p You have experienced in the past ( already been published) ) L“ meaning it has (1) ©è ‘he went up the mountain’ (2) ©è ‘he scaled the mountain’ p in sentence 1, is the indication of an end point of the movement, the top of fujisan, the focus is the accomplishment p in sentence 2, the focus it the process, the scaling of the mountain’ ©è p A habitual action, like you didn’t do it before, and now you’ve grown a habit p -uses of p p -regularlyp -always (but u need adverb) Where is he? ‘He is already home’ (traditional reading) With p it can mean, he’s already heading home Is the usage of Internet, word processor (Japanese Processor)-how is the impact? -font –shape of kanji, characters p p -communications:p p Emoticons i.e.: English: :-) Japanese: ^_^ smiling m_ _m bowing (*^^*) blushing (T T) crying (-o-;) sweat drop c(;o;) (P_9) P(^ ^)9 gambarou 4649 =p p /39 ¹ I • ªD -the use of these emoticons over just speaking, a Social-linguistics p p tj ppp -takes space What does it spend? -time consuming Why do this? If you take time, it symbolizes a more time-consuming way, a heartfelt message to cancel out the Japanese ‘T9’. Sometimes ppl would just take a picture and then send the ‘gomenasai’ F¹ ‘ á ¸ ª pp R p p this is WRONg! The word processor causes this incorrectiveness, and that is what the PROF was trying to say that WP are changing (1)á ¸ F‘ ª¹ p Transitive + p = progressive (2) p p Intransitive + p = resultative p this p is neutral description, ‘I thought it was cold, but the window is opened, no wonder!’ + this is the warning-like, your walking and you leave your backpack open, the stuff will fall The lights are one+ ë + ë intransitive (1)I3 ¹ ªF • (2) p Transitive + p = progressive p Intransitive + p = resultative Discovery sentence, ‘the window is open’ (3)I3 Fª ¹ • T + p ‘The window has been open, and it implies for some kind of reasons’ (4)I3 F¹ • ª p T + p p FI • 3 ª¹ ‘I will open the window (meaning that the window is closed) • (3+4)Both are transitive Its open, somebody (3) It is open because it is hot, stinky, etc. Someone did it (4) The window is closed, and The computer is on, how would you say that? OMG it’s on! • 3 ª¹ I COMPUTER • 3 Fª ¹ I (leave it one for educational purposes) 4ˆ ê McGloin CH 8 for all that was discussed Above! p p p FVI • 3 ª¹ S ª ¹ I3 -• before whatever is ends-ôîR À F to Japan -fear of limited of time, cannot finish Fô À R î before going back -knowing that you cannot be young forever p ≠ young p p -not used for 6 years old, they used p , because they refer to the size. Only when you are ‘full sized’ they use p for youth Equivalent expressions (not from McGloin) p ð Fª I • 3 ¹ Fª I • 3 ¹ Fª ¹ I • 3 pp p While you are still Japan, before you go to Japan p ª I• 3 ¹ pp p While we can still talk (at a certain time you cannot talk) L™ h ¹ While it is still quiet, you are fearful that it will be noisy can be used for negative and affirmative Quiz 2: 2 Eel Sentence [X WA][Y DA] noun cannot be samurai but it 3. I want you to have at least 2000 4. NI marks something that is Concrete-story book, a draft, DE is an event, reading is happening 5. DE 50 dollar is fine, it is a little less than I expected, 50 MADE Upper limit 6. F ª t ¹x w ’ please come up’ READ THE READing assignment Iwasaki is opt! May 13, 2009 F1 ˆ ªw ¹ VS.ˆ Fª1¹ w As a doctor, which one do you use? ™¸ p they are suppose to say this. They are What HAI is this? HAIacknowledgement, just like teachers HAI when recognizing a student in class You use the other for p p /p p When there is a surprise, “WHATS WRONG??” Like a spontaneous questions-not restricted to just the p p used with some kind of evidence, or conjecture In the doctor case, there is no evidence yet, the doctor doesn’t know whats wrong. 6S r ‹« ’; S (background) Fª 1ˆ¹ w VS ˆ Fª w 1 ¹ nd 2 one will be, the student is in office hours, with a direct issue, like, this sentence in the McGloin. A more private setting. The 1st one is like in class when the Prof. explains something and it is incomprehensible. p p p p Tw F¹ˆ 1 ª Fô À R î Np p Np p glue p p p1¹ ˆ Fw ª ****side note Fª 1ˆ w ¹ -How are you doing? Fw ª1 ¹ˆ -thanks to you (through the shade of you.) McGloin A:p Fª 1:ˆ Bw ¹ Fª 1:ˆ A ¹ w B: Fª 1ˆ ¹ w ™¸ Fª *ˆ 1 ¹ w Nounu ¨ªF ¹I ¹ u ¨ªF I Na p p p Adj ¨ª u I ¹ u ¨ª I ¹ N N Fem To make it neutral or masc. add a p ª u¨ I ¹ N/M ª ¹I¨ u N/M p N/M p N/M To emphasize M use p p p àˆ p -in Japanese, you HAVE to eat it. Smell is NOT enough May 27, 2009 Ricky MIYANO-presentation is on tame ni/Yoni p ªuè ¹° I tried living my life without p p ª uè ¹° I am waiting to eat In order to go to college, I am going to college part-time p p p (p Fu)è ª ¹° Because it is with action verb p¹ ° è ªu Fª u° è ¹ If the action verb is potential verb, it has to be yoni Sentence 1+2 is about the same subject, I do this for the X of that Fª u° è ¹ p ’ Subject is not in agreement, so it has to be YONI =translation: ‘as a result…’ Jessica Romeo’s presentation is of McGloin Negative expressions #48 Adjectives: p -must use negative p highlight of this paper is #5 Verbs ’ Taking a test without reviewing is not good Fª î ô I°uÁȹ5 ˜ R F Fª î ô I°uÁȹ ˜ R F Without reading the letter, I was scolded 4è Ð » Without doing something: Without reading the letter, I just came here Fª u° è ¹ Thank you for coming today á -I’m sorry for coming late McGloin 33, 34 p Quiz #4 last day of class ...
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