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Anna Lee LingM176B HW#4 “Unagi” Sentence 1. a. In context of a potluck situation, when someone asks around to see what everyone is bringing to the potluck, one can answer “ as in, that person will be bringing onigiri. b. Another context is when a mother asks her children what they’d like to eat for lunch her child can say “ As in, the child wants onigiri for lunch. (Same response if the question was uttered at a restaurant…although I rarely see places that have onigiri on the menu…) c. When a group of people are discussing there favorite childhood food, someone
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Unformatted text preview: can say “ ” As in, that person’s favorite childhood food was onigiri. 2. b a. This sentence can be used in conversation about what people sell. The hat salesman can reply with “ b ” As in, s/he sells hats. b. In a conversation about “your most favorite clothing” someone can respond with “ b ” As in, that person likes hats the most. c. When someone finds a hat, and asks who the owner of the hat, the ‘owner’ can respond as “ b ” As in, that hat is mine....
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