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Unformatted text preview: • to change o ( (( ( ( ( (( (o o ( o ) • • ( to deny; to negate; to contradict o (((( negative/negation ( [Aozora p156] • o • (v1,vt) to receive; to accept accepting an invitation i to wriggle; squirm; to crawl like a worm (writhe) o from naruto • • o to choose; to select; (v5b,vt) ( o ( (( ) selection; choice; option; (n,vs) • • (n,vs) (col) round trip; coming and going; return ticket • • • ( ( (n,vs) meeting; assembly she o ( ( (((n) woman; girl; (P)o o o o woman/female [Aozora p132] • about o …Î ¨ N j sense to change o( ( … [Aozora p279] ( o • • (( ( ( (( (o o ) •- • • (v5s,vt) to release (adj-i) knowing very well; detailed; full; accurate [aozora p91] • • • • to respond; to answer; to strike home; to take its toll; to reward fact Kind o ú ᵪ meal o • • meal time Bžæ dining room/cafeteria o • o(( • ( ( girl (sheo o o woman/female (sheo o o o girl familiar friend/well known friend/BF o o o woman/female o(( • Familiar o ú áµ ª - • • when o(( ( • o (( )(n,vs) selection; choice; option; (P). ( ( ( (v5b,vt) to choose; to select; (P). • • (o ) cleaning Bžæ • o( ( o o ((( ý á µ ª * ( (ýᵪ ýᵪ ( ( (( ( ý á µ ª * ( ( • o • o •ýᵪ • colleague • negation/negative o ( (((( ( ( • • (n,n-suf) (1) clothes (esp. Western clothes) o ýá µª (n,vs) reply o ( ( ((n) for reply ( • o( • • ýá µ ª o appointment/waiting place ýᵪ [AOZORA p272 D1-#37] • • (( Senior[one’s~]/superior o ( (( • (( junior [one’s~]/inferior o ( (( • • clothes o ( (Japanese clothes/kimono ( • • o (n,vs) (1) cooking; cookery; cuisine Vietnamese Cuisineo o o (n) Japanese-style mealo Ð o • • topic/subject •o o o o (n) flattery; compliment; (P). o o o (adv,suf) (1) without; not including; dispensed with; (2) (beating) in succession; (P). o o oo o o (adj-na,n-adv) unexpectedly; (P). o o o o o o o o (ateji) (v5s) (uk) to deceive; to falsify; to misrepresent; (P). o o o o (n,vs) impulse; impetus; urge; (P). o o o o o (n,vs) impulsive buying. ø þá µª (n,vs) understanding; comprehension; (P). ø þá µª (v5s,vt) to bend; to warp; to curve. ø þáµ ª (adv) relatively; comparatively. (adj-na) (uk) probable. Ð (adj-na,n) showy; loud; gay; flashy; gaudy; (P). ¸ ö áµ ª (adj-na,n-adv,n) (1) (uk) splendid; nice; wonderful; delicious; sweet; (adj-na) (2) sufficient; fine (in the sense of "I'm fine"); (by implication) no thank you; (adj-na) (3) well enough; OK; tolerable; (adv) (4) reasonably; fairly; tolerably; (n) (5) (arch) construction; architecture; (P). (n) personal history; curriculum vitae; resume; (P). hV o (o )¸ ö á µ ª (n,vs) growth; grow to adulthood; (P). yuuga È ù á µ ª elegance; grace; refinement keiko È ù á µ ª practice; training; study jiman È ù á µ ª pride; boast kuchibeni È ù á µ ª lipstick chikaramochi o È ù áµ ª muscleman; strong man BA-GEN o bargain gusai È ù á µ ª my (foolish) wife uchikesu to deny; to negate; to contradict hentou È ù á µ ª reply shurui È ù á µ ª variety; kind; type; category; counter for different sorts of things ukeireru to À ¹ accept; to receive warini È ù á µ ª comparatively; in proportion yosou È ù µá ª expectation; anticipation; prediction; forecast ronbun È ù á µ ª thesis; essay; treatise; paper hitei È ù á µ ª negation; denial; repudiation kekkou È ù á µ ª (1) ; splendid; nice; well enough; tolerably; wonderful; delicious; sweet; (2) ; construction; architecture soraseru to bend; to warp jyoudan o È ùá µ jest; joke gomakasu to deceive; to falsify; to misrepresent un o fortune; luck kouen È ù á µ ª lecture; address mitomeru È ù á µ ª to recognize; to appreciate; to approve; to admit; to notice seibetsu È ù á µ ª distinction by sex; sex; gender kenson È ù á µ ª humble; humility; modesty igaito È ù á µ ª surprisingly; unexpectedly angai È ù á µ ª unexpectedly wari o rate; ratio; proportion; percentage; profit; assignment; 10%; unit of ten percent ichiou È ù á µ ª once; tentatively; in outline; for the time being iikaeru to say in other words; to put another way; to express in À¹ different words; to reword gouman È ù á µ ª pride; haughtiness; arrogance; insolence kufuu È ù á µ ª device; scheme atsukau È ù á µ ª to handle; to deal with; to treat kouhyou È ù á µ ª popularity; favorable reputation keizaiteki o Èùᵪ economic; economical chii È ù á µ (social) position; status keiken o È ù ᵪ experience hagemashi È ù á µ ª stimulation; encouragement ...
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