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IOE 366 F2009 Final Exam Solution Part 1 (20 Points Total). True or False and Fill-in-the-Blank Questions(5 Questions, 2 Point Each, 10 Points Total) 1. The least squares regression line is obtained when the sum of the squared residuals is minimized. True False Answer: True 2. The simple linear regression model is is a random variable assumed to be __________ distributed, with ANSWER: normally, 0, 3. To select a quarter-fraction of a factorial experiment possible treatment conditions), the number of generators that must be selected is __________. ANSWER: two 4. The t critical value for a confidence level of 90% for the slope of the regression line, based on a sample of size 20, is t = __________. ANSWER: 1.734 5. Many statisticians recommend ______ ____ for an assessment of model validity and assumptions. These include plotting the residuals or standardized residuals on the vertical axis versus the fitted values or the observation order on the horizontal axis. ANSWER: residual plots 1 of 11
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Final Exam Solution Multiple Choice (5 Questions, 2 Points Each, 10 Points Total) Please select the best answer. 1. The quantity in the simple linear regression model is a random variable, assumed to be normally distributed with Based on 20 observations, if the residual sum of squares (SSE) is 8, then the estimated standard deviation is: a. 2.500 b. 0.400 c. 0.667 d. 0.444 ANSWER: C. 2. A multiple regression model has the form , where the dependent variable Y represents sales (in thousands of dollars), represents unit price (in dollars), and represents advertisement (in dollars). As increases by $1, while holding fixed, then sales are expected to a. increase by $7 b. increase by $13 c. decrease by $4 d. decrease by $4,000 ANSWER: D 3. In testing using a sample of 22 observations, the test statistic value is found to be t = -2.528. the approximated P-value of the test is a. .01 b. .02 c. .025 d. .05 ANSWER: B 4. What does “Leverage” of an observation measure? a. The likelihood of an observation being within the predictable range of the observed data. b. The inflation of variance a predictor variable creates. c. The influence of a data point in determining the model. d.
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ioe366f09-FinalExam-Solution - IOE 366 F2009 Final Exam...

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