Review 5 with answers Fatty acid metabolism part I

Review 5 with answers Fatty acid metabolism part I - Fatty...

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Fatty Acids Part I 1) What are some of the advantages of storing energy as fat instead of carbohydrates? (Sounds like a good true and false question) a. Fat stores are good for weeks whereas glycogen stores are only good for 24 hrs. Fat can store more kcals than glycogen. Ballou lct 20 sld 8 2) How are dietary fats digested and brought into the body? Which fatty acid chains removed? What proteins are responsible? What molecules are responsible for making the hydrophobic fat available to these proteins. Give an example of a bile salt. a. First, the triacylglycerol has it’s fatty acids removed by a lipase, the outer most ones are removed. The inner most fatty acid remains attached to the glycerol. (monoacylglycerol) Bile salts for micelles allowing the fatty acids to be accessed by the lipases. One such important bile salt is glycocholate. Once pass the membrane, the fats are resynthesized into chylomicrons. Ballou lct 20 slds 9-11 3) How are stored Triglycerides (from adipose tissue) processed for energy? Where are they transported? What are they degraded to for mobilization? (This would be a good multiple choice question where you would have to know which qualities are associated with triglyceride breakdown from dietarty fat vs adipose fat) a. Stored triglycerides may be broken down into fatty acids and GLYCEROL, for transport. They are then activated and transported to the mitochondria. Ballou lct 20 sld 12 4) How is a lipase activated? a.
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Review 5 with answers Fatty acid metabolism part I - Fatty...

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