review 2 without answers - 16) What is the definition of a...

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1) Where does oxidative phosphorylation take place? 2) NADH and FADH pass their electrons to what molecule and what is the product of this reaction? 3) What does NADH-Q oxidoreductase do? 4) What does succinate –Q reductase do? 5) What does 1-cytorchrome C oxidoreductase do? 6) What is cytochrome C? 7) How are redox potentials related to ΔG°? How would you calculate delta G for a reaction? 8) Along the oxidation phosphate pathway, does the E increase or decrease? 9) What does Coenzyme Q do? 10) Be able to describe the mechanism of cytochrome oxidase 12) Be able to describe the ATP synthase mechanism. What are the subunits? What is the role of the gamma subunit? What causes the gamma subunit to rotate? What subunits do the protons pass through? 13) What is the ATP yield for glycolysis? TCA cycle? Oxidative phosphorylation? 14) Can NADH and NAD+ pass through the mitochondrial membrane? 15) What controls the entry and exit of ADP and ATP?
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Unformatted text preview: 16) What is the definition of a cytochrome? 17) What is so special about the reiske center? 18) Is the inner mitochondrial membrane permeable to NADH and NAD+ 19) Does the ATP-ADP translocase transports one ATP for every ADP? Pentose phosphate Pathway 20) In what organelle does photosynthesis take place? What membrane contains all the apparatus for ATP production? 21) In Chloroplasts, is the inside of the thylakoid membrane (the thylakoid space) positive? What about in the mitochondria (matrix vs inner membrane space) 22) How is photosynthesis different from oxidative phosphorylation? 23) Why is the calvin cycle called the dark cycle? 24) What important role does the calvin cycle provide? Does this happen in mammals? What are the products? 25) When is NADPH used instead of NADH? 26) What does a transketolase do? What does a transaldolase do? 27) What controls the rate of the pentose phosphate pathway?...
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review 2 without answers - 16) What is the definition of a...

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