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Review Sheet Chapters 23 and 24 Protein Degradation and Amino Acid Metabolism Describe the differences between digestion of dietary proteins and degradation of cellular proteins. Describe the basic principles of protein degradation via Ubiquitin. Which compounds donate the amino groups that are eliminated as urea in the urea cycle? How is the citric acid cycle linked to the urea cycle? Which enzymes in the urea cycle can be defective and cause hyperammonemia? How are they treated? The process of nitrogen fixation uses the nitrogenase complex which requires what molecules to function? How is cysteine synthesized? What are porphyrins synthesized from and how? What is the amino group transfer that is common to the metabolism of most amino acids? What is the cofactor? How does the cofactor function? Name at least 3 products of amino acid catabolism through which the carbon skeleton of amino acids can flow into glucose. To which products are ketogenic amino acids degraded?
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