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StoichGasLawPreLab - EXPERIMENT 4 Stoichiometry and the...

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EXPERIMENT 4: Stoichiometry and the Ideal Gas Law Write the answers to these pre-laboratory questions in your lab notebook. Answers to these questions are due at the beginning of your lab section during the week of October 6 th –8 th (for students with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday lab sections) or October 16 th –17 th (for those with Thursday and Friday lab sections) as indicated on the Schedule of Experiments. Note: The ideal gas law is discussed in Chapter 6 of Petrucci. You might find it useful to look at sections 6.3-6.6. Pre-laboratory Questions: 1. Write the experiment title and purpose in your lab notebook. 2. A helium gas cylinder of the sort used to fill balloons has a volume of 51.5 L and a pressure of 162 atm at 23.5 o C. How many moles of helium are in the tank? 3. How many grams of potassium chlorate decompose to form potassium chloride and 648 mL O 2 at 128 o C and 752 torr? 2 KClO 3 ( s ) 2 KCl( s ) + 3 O 2 ( g ) 4. How will you determine the temperature of the nitrogen gas produced in Experiment 4? 5.
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