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EXPERIMENT 8 The Spectrochemical Series Write the answers to these pre-laboratory questions in your lab notebook. Answers to these questions are due at the beginning of lab during the week of November 10 th – 14 th . Pre-laboratory Questions: 1. Write the experiment title and purpose in your lab notebook. 2. Which of the five cobalt complexes, [Co(NH 3 ) 5 X] y+ (where X is one of the five ligands, Br , Cl , F , H 2 O, or NH 3 and y is the magnitude of the positive charge) will absorb the shortest wavelength of light? Which will absorb the longest wavelength of light? What is the oxidation state of Co in each of these complexes? 3. If the crystal field splitting (
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Unformatted text preview: Δ o ) is 2.94 × 10 –19 J for a cobalt compound, what wavelength of light (in nm) is absorbed when an electron from a lower energy d orbital is promoted to a higher energy d orbital? What color will the cobalt compound appear? 4. As listed in the MSDS sheets ( http://www.vwrsp.com/search/index.cgi?tmpl=msds ), what are the hazards of 30% hydrogen peroxide? What first aid measures should be taken in the event of an accident? 5. Sketch out a tentative experimental procedure. This procedure need not be overly detailed; a few sentences or a flow chart/outline should suffice....
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