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EXPERIMENT 3 Recycling Aluminum Write answers to these pre-laboratory questions in your lab notebook, due at the beginning of your lab section during the week of September 22 nd –26 th . Carefully considering your answers to these questions will significantly improve your efficiency in lab. Pre-laboratory Questions: 1. Write the experiment title and purpose in your lab notebook. 2. In the given procedure for the production of alum, what is the limiting reagent? Given that water is the solvent, you may safely assume that it is present in excess. 3. How much aluminum is necessary to produce 23 g of alum from the given procedure? This is the amount of aluminum you should use in your procedure. 4. By what factor must the mol amount of Al in the given procedure be reduced in order to produce 23 g of alum? 5. What is the result of scaling the number of moles of KOH used in the given procedure by the factor determined in question 4? What volume of 1.4 M KOH contains this number of moles? This is the volume of 1.4 M KOH you should use in your procedure.
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