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Exam_Obj_109-f09 - Exam 1 Objectives Chem 109 Fall 2009...

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Exam 1 Objectives Chem 109 Fall 2009 Basic Objectives: • Know the relationship between energy, wavelength and frequency. • Know the four quantum numbers and their relationships to one another. • Know the shapes of the s , p and d orbitals. • Identify four quantum numbers for a given electron in an atom. • Use the periodic table to determine the electron configuration of elements to Z=54 (Xe). • Determine the correct configuration of cations or anions of a given element, including the transition metal cations. • Know the definitions of ionization energy and electron affinity, including the reactions whose energies are identified as the ionization energy and electron affinity. • Know the periodic trends in atomic and ionic radii, ionization energy, electron affinity, and electronegativity. • Determine the valence electron configuration of any element through Xe. • Know the definitions of covalent and ionic bonds.
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