Equilibrium Properties

Equilibrium Properties - (K eq is unaffected but time to...

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Equilibrium Properties I) Products and reactants are present at constant concentration II) Dynamic : Fwrd. and rev. RXNS occur at equilibrium with equal rates III) Same concentrations result starting with reactants only, products only, or a mixture of reactants and products, if total amount is the same IV) Equilibrium concentrations are unaffected by catalysts
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Unformatted text preview: (K eq is unaffected, but time to achieve equilibrium is faster) V) K eq is temperature dependent VI) Equilibrium is related to stoichiometry: ௖ ሾ஼ሿ ೎ ሾ஽ሿ ೏ ሾ஺ሿ ೌ ሾ஻ሿ ್ ึ Solids and solvents do not appear in K c...
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