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Chapter 9 10 Mike Solomich 1. Companies can see if people use their product or service on Second Life and if it seems like it I popular, then they should use it to the public. It is a good way to test a new product or service without spending money on research or anything. 2. The finance industry is a veteran in neural network technology and has been relying on various forms of it for over two decades. The industry uses neural networks to review loan applications and create patterns or profiles of applications that fall into two categories: approved or denied. 3. Nike can use this model information to support managers and business professionals during the decision-making process. Three quantitative models are typically used by DDSs: sensitivity analysis, what-if analysis, and goal-seeking analysis. Sensitivity analysis is the study of the impact that changes in one part of the model have on other parts of the model. What-if analysis checks the impact of a change in an assumption on the proposed solution. Goal-seeking analysis finds
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