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chapter 11 and 12 - dislikes are They can personalize their...

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Chapter 11 and 12 Mike Solomich 1. Customer relationship management is important for any company because it could help achieve operational excellence and turn building customer intimacy to continue to improve profits and business growth. It understands customer behavior and preferences then redistributing product and service offerings and related communications to make sure they are connected and in sync with customer needs and wants. 2. Customer relationship management is difficult in Second Life compared to real life because all Second Life is on the computer in a digital world. It would be extremely hard to determine how and what you would be sending them to keep them with Second Life. Companies now realize that customers are first. 3. If the virtual world is the first point of contact between a company and its customer, it might transform the entire shopping experience because it will be difficult there is no person-to-person relationship, so it will be difficult to build a relationship. But knowing what sites and their customers likes and
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Unformatted text preview: dislikes are. They can personalize their introduction. 4. Companies could use Second Life as a less expensive way to connect their customer by personalizing their contact by knowing their wants and common traits in Second Life. 1. If I operate a business entirely on Second Life I would require an ERP system. An ERP system is essential in every successful business in todays world because links up every section of the world and business to one central database that people can then decipher between what they want and dont want. 2. An ERP system could have many different uses. ERP system could be used for logistics, advertising, and finance for the correlation and the relationship in business between the real world and Second Life. For example, an ERP system could show data and other information with how much the Ralph Lauren Clothing Store has gathered by opening a store in Second Life and providing discounts for the Second Life members....
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