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1. I really do like the way Gross runs his company because he spread the entrepreneurial spirit and it makes the employees feel like they have a say and in return will make them work harder. I don’t think there are any drawbacks to this way of running a company. 2. This plan wouldn’t work in a larger company because it would be hard to have 2,000 employees making decisions. 3. A professional leadership style is if a leader can take all his employees and get them all to maximize profit and have all the employees be goal oriented. 4. I think some characteristics of an entrepreneur have to be the same from
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Unformatted text preview: person to person but those other special characteristics are the ones that separate the successful ones to the non-successful ones. 1. When someone starts it’s mostly because they either can’t work for someone else or they have a great idea that will take them far. 2. If a sole proprietor experiences a large loss it could potentially go out of business. 3. No he could do it as a sole proprietor even though it may be hard. He might need more employees though....
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