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1. I think firms are subcontracting because it is cheaper for them and the subcontractors do a better job than if the firm tried to do it. 2. Some major forces influences human resources are taxes, and employment rate. I think taxes will hurt the firms but if employment rate in low that means there is more talent out there for them to pick from. 3. Yes I agree because all those practices make more work for the firms to find out. 4. I think that the experience based requirement for lawyers is more valid and reliable accreditation tool than passing a multiple-choice bar exam because you learn more from experience than u do from a book and test. 5. I think a firm should use an objective appraisal system. 6. When you put the pressure of someone’s pay based on how hard they work, they will work harder to earn more which will directly help the company. So many companies have adopted this new pay incentives plan. And I do think this is a positive development because it both helps the company and the employee. 7.
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