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1. Data are raw facts that are useful on a rudimentary level. Information is created by gathering and analyzing different types of data to perceive and relationships. I would make sure that correct data meet the right information by doing my research. 2. Databases are computer software programs that are used to store and manipulate data. Data warehouses are enormous databases that hold all of a firm’s data. They may not need a data warehouse. 3. The factors that would provide mainframe computer terminals would be whether or not it will help the business. 4. I would recommend a database for a small manufacturing business but for a retail operation I would recommend a data warehouse. 5. An enterprise resource planning system is most appropriate for a manufacturing firm because its software that combines the entire firm’s computerized functions into a single, integrated program that runs from a
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Unformatted text preview: single database. 6. Computer ethics is the analysis of the impact of computer technology on society and developing policies for its appropriate use. Because a firm’s information systems are vulnerable to unauthorized access, managers must also be vigilant in protecting the firm’s sensitive information. 7. A company should balance the benefits of making its information accessible to customers and suppliers against the drawback of unauthorized users possibly gaining access to it by protecting their information but still allowing enough access for the employees to be able to access all the information they need. 8. Strategic managers need different types of information systems than other managers because they need special information systems such as management information system that provides information to managers to use in making decisions....
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