week10questions - 1 The four categories of control...

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1. The four categories of control techniques are formal or informal and process or outcome. The best approach is subject control because it results are informal approach is taken to controlling outcomes. It usually employs global measures and reactive management actions. 2. Feedforward is A multi-layer perception network in which the outputs from all neurons go to following but not preceding layers, so there are no feedback loops. Concurrent is having equal authority or jurisdiction and feedback control is A control system which monitors its effect on the system it is controlling and modifies its output accordingly. For example, a thermostat has two inputs: the desired temperature and the current temperature. The output of the thermostat changes so as to try to equalise the two inputs. 3. When a business or something is started is when the standards should start because it would be hard to start standards in the middle of something. 4. Situations in which it is not beneficial to take corrective action in response
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week10questions - 1 The four categories of control...

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