acing_interview - Steps to Acing a Job Interview Part I:...

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Unformatted text preview: Steps to Acing a Job Interview Part I: Prepare 1. Know the company. Find out as much as you can about the position, the company and its needs, so you can show how your background meets those needs. Check out the companys web site, gather literature and other information, and if possible, get a copy of the companys annual report. 2. Know yourself. Mentally review the skills and character traits you have that will help the companys bottom line. Think in terms of the value you can add to the position and the company. 3. Know your job history. Mentally review your past achievements and be prepared to describe your work experience in detail. Gather letters of reference and samples of your work to present to the interviewer as proof of your past accomplishments. Practice describing your experience in terms of your responsibilities and accomplishments at each job. 4. Know the questions. You can almost bet on being asked, Tell me about yourself. Approach this from the employers point of view. Ask yourself, If I were hiring someone for this position, what would I want to know? Then answer those questions. And be ready for tough ones too. Think of the worst questions you could be asked about your experiences and abilities, then prepare positive responses. 5. Prepare questions of your own. Employers are as interested in your questions as they are in your answers. They will react favorably if you ask intelligent questions about the position, the company, and the industry....
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acing_interview - Steps to Acing a Job Interview Part I:...

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