The Scientific Method - Assignment The Scientific Method...

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Assignment: The Scientific Method The scientific method contains six parts, depending on what the experiment is about. For this particular experiment, I used all six parts, which are: 1.) Observation and questioning- a good scientist notices things around them that the average person may not, self explanatory. Formulate a question to explain the observation. 2.) Hypothesis- a tentative answer to the question, testable for observation, try to explain what may have be the cause of the situation at hand, make an if- then statement to predict the solution and its outcome. 3.) *Prediction- deductive reasoning 4.) Testing- performing the experiment, replication is important, must have quantitative data, also be statistically significant, test the hypothesis by conducting an experiment. 5.) Results- the outcome of the tested experiment. Results can or may not support the hypothesis. 6.) Explanation- state an explanation that addresses your question 7.) New Question- conclusions often lead to new questions For me the scientific method is a way of thinking logically. Aside from actual scientific
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The Scientific Method - Assignment The Scientific Method...

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