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Philosophy 264: Quiz #1 Write T or F clearly beside each statement. ___1. According to Russell, logic is irrelevant to the solution of philosophical problems. ___2. Russell believes that a correct analysis of definite descriptions does not entail that there are unreal objects. ___3. A man is an example of what Russell calls a "definite" description. ___4. Meinong believes that there are unreal objects. ___5. According to Russell, Hamlet exists in his own world. ___6. Russell would claim that the sentence
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Unformatted text preview: The golden mountain is beautiful is neither true nor false. ___7. According to Occam's Razor, one should not make one's ontology (theory of the kinds of things that exist/have being) any more complicated than necessary. ___8. A valid argument may have false premises. ___9. Logic, for Russell, is an abstract science that has no connection to reality. ___10. For Russell, the sentence Unicorns exist is false because unicorns are members of...
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