10-19-07 - Amanda Thomann English 101(Fri Stewart Home...

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Amanda Thomann English 101(Fri) Stewart 10-19-07 Home Remedy Sometimes, we all need a little time to ourselves. Everyone in the world has a stressor in their lives. Ladies, do you ever just want a day all to yourselves? Most women would answer yes to that question. So, clear your schedule, pull up a comfortable chair, and fully embrace the idea of pampering yourself for a day. Total relaxation is a head-to-toe process. To achieve this goal, there are some items you will need. You can start with gathering your bath products. Make sure you have your robe and slippers, two towels, plenty of bubbles, and a good conditioner. Grab a compact disc player, along with your favorite music. Gather a couple of good smelling candles, and a lighter. Place your choice of facial mask on the bathroom counter, as well as your choice of nail polish color. If you think you might get a little messy with the polish, you can grab nail polish remover too. A brush, or as I prefer, a wide tooth comb, should already be in the bathroom available for use. Make sure you place any above listed items in the bathroom before you begin running your bath water. After everything is accounted for, turn off the ringer on the phone, and lock your doors so as not to be interrupted. First, head into the bathroom and turn on the light. Plug in your compact disc player, put in your music and let it play. Go over by the bathtub, move the shower curtain out and back, and adjust the hot and cold water to your comfort level. Once adjusted, you should place a plug in the drain so your bathtub can begin to fill up. While the tub is filling up, put your desired amount of bubbles in. Now, grab your candles and
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lighter, light the candles, and place them in a safe place. Be careful not to burn your hand
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10-19-07 - Amanda Thomann English 101(Fri Stewart Home...

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