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Mertons Typologies - Amanda Thomann Socy-191 There are four...

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Amanda Thomann Socy-191 10-31-08
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There are four main typologies discovered by Merton that comes in to play in the every day lives of humans. Prejudice, racism, stereotyping, and discrimination are common elements in the opinions and views of people today. The funny thing is that one can demonstrate the qualities of only one element and yet not play into the ideas of all of them. Throughout the world everyone has their own ideas and definitions of Merton’s typologies and some of those ideas are shown by the characters in the movie Soul Man . Prejudice is a common issue in society today. However, some would argue that the term is used to define a racial issue. The definition that should be used to define prejudice is judging or assuming an idea about someone or something before all the information about it is given. This does not necessarily mean the color of someone’s skin, but it is often an assumed reason. I would have to say when Mark shows up at the door of a rich white couple looking for their
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