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Amanda the T Rex - ahead and all fell in during their...

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Amanda Thomann 10/29/08 Geol Fictional Acct Amanda Amanda the adult T-Rex was found in Wyoming and later discovered to have lived in the late Cretaceous period. A mysterious tar pit was discovered and researchers found Amanda while dredging the bottom. Along with Amanda, a velociraptor and an oviraptor were found as well proving that she lived in the Cretaceous period. There is a good chance that the evidence proves a struggle between theses three dinosaurs and that they possibly were unaware of the tar
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Unformatted text preview: ahead and all fell in during their struggle. Her nicely preserved bones will be cleaned and shipped to a museum for display at a later date. Sue would have weighed in at 6 tons and was approximately 39 feet in length. Obviously for a tar-pit to exist, Amanda lived in a very hot tropical environment. An insect preserved in amber will also follow her on her journey through discovery. Insect in Amber Velociraptor...
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