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Amanda Thomann CASD 121 7-20-08 Dreams list 1. Get associate degree 2. Get married 3. Have another baby 4. Buy a house 5. Attend church more often 6. Stay on the Dean’s List 7. Become more involved in Honors Program 8. Do more community service 9. Spend more time reading with kids 10. Get BS degree 11. Transfer to Ferris 12. Lose some weight 13. Start exercising 14. Eat healthier 15. Buy a new car
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Unformatted text preview: 16. Take better care of my skin 17. Set aside more time for family 18. Pay off all my bills. 19. Continue to do well in school 20. Teach my children respect and pride 21. Be involved in more selfless acts 22. Be more empathetic to others I care about 23. Be more involved at work 24. Go to sleep earlier at night 25. Know more about the world than characters on TV...
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