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Amanda Thomann CASD121 07-20-08 Percy Ross 1. Where was he born and raised? A- Percy Ross was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 2. How many times did he earn and lose a million dollars? A-Percy Ross earned and lost a million dollars three times. 3. What do you think their friends said to them each time? A- I think that their friends told Ross’ wife that she should find a more stable husband after he lost the first million. After the second time, they might have said
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Unformatted text preview: that he could earn it back again. 4. What was his motivation? A-Percy Ross stated that his dream was to be a philanthropist, this was also his motivation. 5. What “lessons” do you get from this story? A-Personally, I feel that Ross is a better person than I could ever be. I do not have much money and the thought of giving money away to people I do not even know is hard for me to swallow....
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