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A balance of power that favors freedom1 - Amanda Thomann...

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Amanda Thomann English 102-30 2-05-08 Summary Response Journal 2 Chapter 2 Essays A Balance of Power that Favors Freedom By: Condoleezza Rice 1. In the article, Condoleezza Rice assumes that there are other countries out there that share the same values as the United States such as freedom, liberty, and prosperity. 2. Condoleezza Rice at the time of the article was the national security advisor to President George W. Bush. Currently she serves as the sixty-sixth Secretary of State under the second term of the Bush administration. 3. Condoleezza Rice’s causal and recommendation argument claims that a preemptive strike is justified. A balance of freedom and military power has been an issue throughout our history, and that if we don’t make a change the same conflicts will continue to happen. Rice states that we have the ability, but only if…. . And so on. Her argument becomes somewhat unclear however when she begins to talk about diseases and the creation of better conditions for people to have a freer future. (democracy) 4. Rice starts by comparing security issues of today to that of the Civil War and of Cold War. In doing so, she directly relates our current problems with issues of human rights. 5. Condoleezza Rice claims that if another country or group is deemed as an imminent threat and that we have some knowledge of them trying to implement a strike on us, that we can take the first step and attack them first only in the interest of protecting the United States. Why would we sit and wait to be attacked if we can do something about the threat before we are attacked. The article clearly states that the United States does
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A balance of power that favors freedom1 - Amanda Thomann...

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