Perils of preemptive war2

Perils of preemptive war2 - Amanda Thomann English 102-30...

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Amanda Thomann English 102-30 2-5-08 Summary Response Journal 2 Chapter 2 essays Perils of Preemptive War Why Americas Place in the world will shift-for the worse-if we attack Iraq By: William Galston 1. William Galston assumes that America is in high standing in the eyes of the world and assumes that America will lose moral authority, and will be less safe if we attack Iraq. 2. William Galston is a College Park Professor whose expertise is in family policy, domestic policy, American politics, campaigns, elections, and education. Dr. Galston is a political theorist who both studies and participates in American politics and domestic policy. Galston was Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy during the first Clinton Administration and Executive Director of the National Commission on Civic Renewal, which was chaired by Sam Nunn and William Bennett. He has served as Director of Economic and Social Programs at the Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies in Washington, D.C., as chief speech writer for John Anderson's National Unity campaign, as issues director for Walter Mondale's presidential campaign and as senior advisor to Albert Gore Jr. during his run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1991-1992. Since 1995, Galston has served as a founding member of the Board of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and as chair of the Campaign's Task Force on Religion and Public Values. Galstons teaching and research interests include social policy, family policy, normative analysis, education policy and civic renewal. 3.
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Perils of preemptive war2 - Amanda Thomann English 102-30...

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