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Preemptive war and international law7

Preemptive war and international law7 - Amanda Thomann...

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Amanda Thomann English 102-30 2-05-08 Summary Response Journals Chapter 2 essays Preemptive war and International Law By: Steven C. Welsh 1. Steven C. Welsh assumes that Bush is trying to promote freedom and democracy as well as giving his own assumptions on all of the powers of the Security Council. 2. Steven C. Welsh is a lawyer and research analyst with the Center for Defense Information. 3. Welsh’s factual and evaluative argument gives us an insight to foreign policies and the power of the United Nations Security Council. At the end of the article it seems that he is giving a recommendation to be proactive in order to live more freely, justly, and securely. 4. The goal of Steven C. Welsh is to inform us of some international law, the UN Charter, and of the power of the Security Council to change policy if necessary. Weisman is for preemptive war. 5. Weisman states that the literal translation of international law restricts the use of force but the Security Council can broaden its meaning.
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