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Amanda Thomann Sisto Engl 102-30 04-08-08 Outline I. Torture A. Definitions of torture a. President Bush b. Geneva Conventions c. Government of the United States B. We have to ask ourselves, how is it fair to create a new name for those who are captured and to take away rights that any human should be afforded? II. Geneva Conventions A. Article 12 B. Articles 13-16 C. Article 17 III. Guantanamo Bay A. Rights of detainees B. Definition of prisoners C. Techniques of interrogation used there
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Power of the President A. According to the Defense department B. Power over Congress V. Our government should make a positive and consistent change by maintaining a stable definition of what torture is, following the guidelines of the Geneva Conventions, and not allowing the President so much power in wartime A. Changes in policies and laws B. Racism C. Free will...
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