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Amanda Thomann Overview After reviewing my research I do not feel like I have a balanced view on the issue of torture. I am not in support of the war in the first place, and after reviewing different tactics used by the government that we are supposed to trust with our own live, it makes me very uneasy. I think to myself what if I was the one who was considered an “unlawful combatant?” I feel like the government and the President is not honest with the American public and that the information that we receive is simply to make us feel better about the cruel and atrocious things
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Unformatted text preview: that we are doing to human beings. Just because someone is not from where we are from does not mean that they deserve to be tortured because we suspect them of something. There should be concrete evidence with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The idea that just because someone may have dialed your phone number and that implicates you as a terrorist is ludicrous. Our government needs to show lawful consistency when trying to prevent, and engage in war....
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