Redefining Terrorisn3 - Amanda Thomann 102-30 SRJ4...

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Amanda Thomann 102-30 03-05-08 SRJ4 Redefining Torture By: Amanda Ripley Ripley, Amanda. "Redefining Torture." Time . 2004. Time. OCLC First Search Wilson Select Database info . Mott Col. Lib. 4 Mar 2008 wsppdfl/HTML/00360/P44BY/USJ.HTM. 1. Amanda Ripley assumes that her audience does not believe that the President and his administration should have so much power based on a democracy system of checks and balances. 2. Amanda Ripley is a senior writer at TIME magazine . She covers risk, terrorism and human behavior. 3. Ripley gives a causal claim by telling us in the end that things could get worse if al-Qaeda gets a hold of our methods of interrogation. She also gives a factual timeline of events involving the changes in policy regarding torture. 4. Ripley identifies the problem as the United States going too far in changing policies. 5. Ripley explains the context of some leaked memos which were between members of the Bush administration. Ripley claims that the United States has been changing its “stance on torture” (Ripley, 49-50) for three years. President Bush said that any changes made would be in agreement with international laws. Other
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Redefining Terrorisn3 - Amanda Thomann 102-30 SRJ4...

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