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Torture now congress is accountable5 - Amanda Thomann...

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Amanda Thomann 102-30 3-5-08 SRJ4 Torture: Now Congress is accountable By: Belinda Cooper Cooper, Belinda. "Torture: Now Congress is accountable." World Policy Journal . 64-9 2006/2007. OCLC First Search Wilson Select Database info . Mott Col. Lib. 04 Mar 2008 http://newfirst 1. Belinda Cooper claims that we have alienated allies of the United States and pleased dictators around the world (Cooper). She also assumes that the practices of the Bush administration are questionable. 2. Belinda Cooper is a writer for World Policy Journal. 3. Cooper gives a factual account on the changes in rights afforded to detainees. Toward the end of the article, Cooper begins to have an evaluative recommendation on what steps Congress can take to ensure better change for the future. 4. Cooper addresses the issues of human rights, responsibilities under treaties, and the unfair practices of the United States sending detainees to foreign countries where torture is common. 5. Cooper writes that it seems that security has trumped human rights. She claims that other dictators throughout the world will point to our mistakes at Abu-Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay and use them as an excuse for them to be torturous. She states that due to the President commanding so much power at times of war; it leaves Congress with almost no power over him. The adoption of the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act are discussed, and she claims that Congress was ineffective in preserving human right. (Cooper, 64-9) She talks of Guantanamo Bay and how it was chosen specifically to break the Geneva Convention and to skirt around some international laws. It was soon found that many detainees there were guilty of almost nothing at all. There are hundreds of prisoners still awaiting trial at Guantanamo Bay. Cooper gives a timeline on the
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Detainee Treatment Act, and the Military Commissions Act which removes the right of Habeas Corpus from unlawful detainees. (Cooper, 64-9) Cooper reports on the long term abuse of detainees and the pictures that can go along with it. The United States is a part of the Convention Against Torture. The United States claims that torture is only used for getting information and preventing further terrorist attacks. Throughout the world, torture is both condemned and yet used as an efficient way of gathering information. Through the Military Commissions Act, information gained by coercion is now admissible in court. Cooper talks of the involvement of the CIA and how they are allowing some detainees to be taken to countries where torture is of common use. Cooper speaks of an unwillingness to make our own leaders live up to the moral standards that we put on other people. Cooper states that Congress should be assertive in its constitutional
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Torture now congress is accountable5 - Amanda Thomann...

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