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Thomann 1 Amanda Thomann Sisto Engl 102-30 04-15-08 Clear Skies=Dirty Money Imagine a time and place where we are told that one type of pollution is better than another. Well, here we are living in that world of doublespeak allowing ourselves to feel like we are making a difference in cleaning up the air we breathe when in reality the measures we are taking are fattening the pockets of rich and powerful energy companies while time statutes on limiting pollution are being lengthened. The relation between Orwell and President Bush is somewhat evident, the reality of change is being covered up by what we as the American public want and need to hear, and what government thinks would be best, in their interests, for us to believe and support. In 1970 the original Clean Air Act was put into place. Under this new law, Congress required the emissions from industrial companies to be lowered by 1975. However, as research was further the obvious outcome that the necessary cleanups would not occur was coming into play. For years the EPA has been coming up with various ideas to control the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides allowed into the Earth’s atmosphere. In 2003 the Bush administration, after years of financial backing from large industrial companies, came up with
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Clear Skies Act - Thomann 1 Amanda Thomann Sisto Engl...

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