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outline - B Money spent on Bush C Lobbying interests III...

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Amanda Thomann Sisto Engl 102-30 04-15-08 Outline I. Clear Skies Act A. Imagine a time and place where we are told that one type of pollution is better than another. Well, here we are living in that world of doublespeak allowing ourselves to feel like we are making a difference in cleaning up the air we breathe when in reality the measures we are taking are fattening the pockets of rich and powerful energy companies. II. Reasons for Enactment A. Votes to pass bill
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Unformatted text preview: B. Money spent on Bush C. Lobbying interests III. Clear Skies??? A. Doublespeak B. Terminology for cleaner air, more pollutants and time. C. “Clean Air” = dirty money! IV. Conclusion A. Obviously we are society who allows our leader to make our decisions for us. Unfortunately, we have allowed that same leader the power to represent the side of the people who are directly affected by from his most minute decisions....
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