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Topic Proposal - know more about it 5 I would like my...

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Amanda Thomann Sisto Engl 102-30 4-8-08 1. For my essay, I have chosen the topic of the Clear Skies Act. I believe that the court system began using this term to allow the public to believe that we are making a difference in cleaning up the environment. 2. After some brief research, I have realized that the Clean Skies Act was put in place to allow revisions to the 1970 Clean Air act that would further the agenda of large power companies. 3. I hope to inform myself and the reader of the original stipulations of the Clean Air Act of 2003. 4. I am neither for nor against the idea of the Clear Skies Act, but I am interested to
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Unformatted text preview: know more about it. 5. I would like my audience to understand in which circumstances permit the use of the new laws in place. 6. I would like to look at some books, possibly my textbooks to research further information on my topic. 7. Depending on the laws and regulations allowed in a particular state, I may have to narrow my topic. As I do further research, I will see how broad of a topic I am dealing with. 8. I hope to use an evaluative claim in my essay, but as I research my view could turn pro or con. 9. I plan to work on my paper a few hours each day until enough information has been gathered....
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